Automated CNC sawing.

CNC programmable band saw produces mainly blanks for the machining department. We also use Bomar Manual band saw, with that we can make quick and smaller quantity of blanks. Since we have often free capacity in sawing, then we offer it out as a service.



  • Pegas Gonda 290×290 A-CNC-LR-F
  • Bomar manuaal saag


  • Teras,
  • Roostevaba,
  • Alumiiniumi, 
  • Messing,
  • Vask,
  • Titaan.
  • POM,
  • PA-6,
  • PTFE,

Cutting dimensions:

  • Max stock 290 mm x 290 mm

Cut accuracy:

  • ± 0.5 mm