For turning we use HAAS TL and ST series work centers

Company started with one turning lathe which was Haas TL-2. Machine was brought to offer prototype parts and small series production. Today this first lathe is still running and is producing parts for small series and prototypes. Thanks to it’s long travel and tail stock, we can produce shafts up to 1200 mm long. Rest of our turning centers are Haas ST series. We have 2 turning centers are Y-axis and active tooling capable. All the ST work centers have high pressure cooling system, Renishaw Precision measurement system and tailstock.



  • HAAS Tl-2
  • HAAS ST-30
  • HAAS ST-30Y
  • HAAS ST-20Y


  • Steel,
  • Staineless steel,
  • Aluminiumi, 
  • Brass,
  • Copper,
  • Titanium.
  • POM,
  • PA-6,
  • PTFE,
  • etc.

Max spindel speed:

  • up to 4000 rpm

Y axis ja active tooling

  • Capability to do Mill and Turning operation in one setup,
  • 4000 rpm active tooling with C-axis.

Working dimensions:

  • Though spindel form bar stock  up to ø76 mm,
  • From the cut workpiece 250mm.
  • Maximum cut lenght 1016 mm
  • Largest part dimension ø500 mm

Possible production volume:

  • 1344 hours a month.


For quick quotes we need:

  • Technical drawings with dimensions and required tolerances in PDF.
  • For compex parts 3D models in STEP format.

Ask for more info or a quote

or write directly to [at] intar.ee